Exhibitions from home: Virtual Tours

Portrait of an Artist

We are delighted to share a new digital preview for our current exhibition, Portrait of an Artist (11 September 2021 - 26 February 2022). Narrated by Exhibitions Officer Katie Irwin, the exhibition was brought together by renowned art dealers, Liss Llewellyn. Comprising over 85 oil paintings, drawings and prints, the exhibition offers audiences an opportunity to step into the inner world of the artist, shedding light on their personal lives and creative processes.  

Challenging Convention

This film takes a glimpse inside Challenging Convention (17 May - 21 August 2021), which focused on the work of artists Dod Procter, Laura Knight, Gwen John and Vanessa Bell. Keeper of Art Lizzie Jacklin narrates and explores the themes and works within the show.

Art Deco by the Sea

Keeper of Art Sarah Richardson unpacks Art Deco by the Seathe first major exhibition to explore how the Art Deco-style transformed the British seaside during the 1920s and 30s. 

The following film presents an introduction to The North East Coast Exhibition, a world fair held in Exhibition Park, Newcastle upon Tyne in 1929. 

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COMING HOME: Sir Ridley Scott

These two films take a closer look at the portrait of acclaimed film director Sir Ridley Scott, created by artist Nina Mae Fowler. The portrait was on loan to the Laing Art Gallery from the National Portrait Gallery in London as part of its COMING HOME initiative, which sees portraits of iconic individuals being loaned to places across the UK with which they are most closely associated.

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William and Evelyn De Morgan: 'Two of the Rarest Spirits of the Age’

William and Evelyn de Morgan: Two of the Rarest Spirits of the Age explored the exceptional work created by Victorian era’s art power couple William and Evelyn de Morgan, a pair of very different and equally intriguing 19th/20th century British artists. Curator Sarah Richardson and Conservator Ana Flynn-Young presents two short films about each artist.