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Join the Friends of the Laing for a free 45 minute talk every Saturday morning

Painting, oil on canvas, entitled 'Love in Idleness or Love's Votaries', by the artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. It shows two ladies lounging by a fountain.


Until Saturday 16 December

Until Saturday 15 December



11am every Saturday

Free, donations are welcome

Meet in the Marble Hall to take part


Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city centre every Saturday morning with a free talk from the Friends of the Laing Art Gallery. Find out more about some of the paintings in our collection and share your experience with fellow art lovers.

16 December*

Mrs Elizabeth Riddell (1763) by Joshua Reynolds


A View of Newcastle (also known as The Mayor's Barge on the Tyne) (1828) by John Wilson Carmichael.

(Read about Newcastle and the River Tyne in 1895: Bridges and Ships)


The Catapult (1868-72) by Edward Poynter


'The Bard' (1817) by John Martin


A Border Fair (1865) by John Ritchie

*There will be no talks on Saturdays 23 & 30 December due to Christmas holidays


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