ARTiculate: (Visual Literacy Workshop)


KS3, KS4, SEND Art & Design, English, History, Design Technology

Portrait of Mrs Leathart and Her Three Children


Until Friday 19 July

Booking Information

Workshop length: 1 hour 30 mins

We would recommend staying a full day to explore the rest of the gallery before/after the workshop session to get the most out of the visit. You are welcome to book one of the Learning Spaces free of charge for your self-led part of the day to use as a base or to do practical art activities with your students.

Cost of workshop:

£110 for groups of up to 20 students. If you would like more students to be involved then please get in touch for additional information and charges.

Articulate is a visual literacy session aimed at students in Key Stages 3 & 4 studying Art and English, History or Design Technology. Departments are encouraged to work collaboratively to participate in the workshop, allowing students the opportunity to explore, think, discuss and create. Students will work with the Laing Learning Team to develop their ability to interpret artworks and use this as inspiration to create and articulate their own responses.

For more details  please contact the Laing Learning Team at or call 0191 278 1939.

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