The Untold Stories and the Tides of Change to Come

This display is curated by L-INK

An abstract painting of a farmhouse and stone walls, with two ladies stood in front of it.


Until 8 July 2023


Opening hours

Monday - Saturday10am - 4.30pm
Bank holidays (including Mondays)Closed

Please note, the Laing Art Gallery will be closed to the public all day on Monday 18 July.

Donations welcome, free exhibition.

The exhibition is located at the back of our café / Northern Spirit. Please note the end date for this exhibition is approximate and will be confirmed nearer the time. 


The Untold Stories and the Tides of Change to Come

Spirituality offers the possibility to connect with our inner selves through mindful action. The artworks here have been chosen to represent the stages of life, belief, and realisation. During research for this display, L-INK group members explored current  events as well as individual and communal understandings of these ideas. They have reflected upon their personal unique perspectives, making connections between spirituality, society and nature. 

This display is curated by L-INK, a group of young people who work with the Laing Art Gallery to engage in a process of creative collaboration.

L-INK 2022 participants are: Rea Gkarouli, Remy Harkensee, Andrew Parr, Abigail Durr, Sara Gkarouli, Naomi Harrison, Katie Carr, Sidney Parker-Fuller and Beth Driscoll, with support from Ella Nixon and Dale Glenister.

This display is inspired by the Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition which will be on display at the Laing Art Gallery from 17 September - 3 December 2022, on loan from the British Library.

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Cover image: Trewithal Farm (20 Century) by Ruth Adams (1893–1949) / Laing Art Gallery