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Until Friday 19 July

Project Information


The Schools Linking Project is a national programme which has been running successfully in schools for 16 years, creating year-long curriculum rich class links between schools. 

Cost: FULLY FUNDED (including £150 towards travel costs). 

2 x CPD's
1 full day per class at the Laing Art Gallery
2 days in school led by teachers

Please note: the dates for the teacher CPD will be confirmed to take place in the Autumn/Spring term. The Laing Art Gallery visits will also take place in the Spring/Summer term. 

To find out more or apply to take part in the project get in touch with the learning team on or 0191 278 1939.

Project Summary

The project 'links' pairs of classes from the North East area based on the mutual benefits for the schools. The paired groups will meet three times across the school year with the first of these meetings taking place at the Laing Art Gallery. At the gallery the students take part in a series of art activities and games.

The project is designed to explore 4 key areas:

•           Who am I? – exploring identity
•           Who are we? – celebrating diversity
•           Where do we live? – promoting community
•           How do we all live together? – championing equality

The project, developed by The Linking Network,  is nationally recognised as offering a positive, age appropriate curriculum contribution to spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, British values and the Prevent Duty.  

Take a look at the Home Learning Resources that The Linking Network have put together to support these values in and outside of the classroom.

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The Linking Project The Linking Project