PATERN information

A new support network for primary visual art education in the north east of England, to support teaching and learning, creative and inclusive curriculum models and offer support for all areas of the subject, including an opportunity for practical workshops.

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​Up coming events

PATERN Autumn network meeting

Thursday 7 Feb 2019

4.30pm until 6.30pm

Laing Art Gallery

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This session will include:

Abstract Art - Laing Art Gallery will run an abstract art making session inspired by some of the new works on display in the main Gallery. 

Paul Carney will introduce some fab art activities from his new book. 

Kerry Cook Art and DT teacher and owner of the Art Rooms in Sunderland will share some practical DT sessions which she runs in schools and will also share top tips for running practical DT projects in the classroom 

 ….and lots more making and sharing ideas to use in the classroom.