Donate your old £1 coins and support the Laing

Round pounds go out of circulation on 15 October 2017

It is estimated that there is around £1.3bn stored up in piggy banks and jars across the UK and over a third of this is likely to be made up of round pounds. 

On 15 October 2017 the old £1 coin will no longer be a legal tender and is to be replaced by the new 12-sided £1 coin. The old design will no longer be accepted, so why not donate them to the Laing Art Gallery before they go out of circulation?

A few ways you can donate your old £1 coins:

  1. Place them into any donation box found throughout the venue - and don’t forget to gift aid your donation - for every £1 you donate online we get 25p free from Gift Aid. 
  2. Hand them in at any till in the venue
  3. Cash them in at your local bank then donate the equivalent online

Raid those piggy banks, check those pockets and donate your old £1 coins today.