Progress your Painting and Drawing

With Newcastle City Learning

acrylic painting


Until Thursday 11 July

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Every Thursday, 2.30 - 5pm


£72 (for 9 weeks)

(There are concessions for unemployed and those on low incomes – ask for details of entitlement)


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contact the enrolment number: 0800 073 0911


The course is for those looking to expand on their ability to draw and paint with acrylics. You will experiment with different techniques in order to develop a more personal style of drawing and painting.   

You will explore using creatures, flowers, landscapes and seascapes as subject matter. You will undertake research and create a portfolio charting the progress of your artwork with accompanying written reflection.

You must provide your own materials. This will be discussed in depth at the first session. Estimated costs is between £30 and £50. You will also require some photographs for use as reference material. Please bring your drawing and acrylic painting kit to the first class.