Home Educators: Bronze Arts Award Information Session

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Information session for home educators on completing the Bronze Arts Award



Friday 1 March

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Information session starts at 3.00pm and will run until 4.00pm.

There will an opportunity for discussion and further questions about Arts Award and completing the Arts Award at home.


Session Summary

Do you want to find out more about Bronze Level Arts Award but just don’t know where to start?

The Laing Art Gallery  education team will be hosting a Bronze Level Arts Award information session for home educated families.

This session will focus on the Bronze Arts Award and how you can work with your child to complete the Award at home with the support of the Laing Art Gallery. We will guide you through the process of completing the Arts Award from getting started to preparing to submit the work for moderation. Information will be provided about each section of the Arts Award and you will receive ideas that you can use at home.

Bronze level award can only be submitted by children over 11 years of age. We recommend parents with children from 9 years onward attend this session. 

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